How to spend Valentine's Day?
Top classic and original dates

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Already have ideas on how to spend this day with a loved one? Catch a selection of perfect dates!


Reading under the blanket.
Part 1: The magic of the pages

The Woolkrafts team loves to read, especially in winter, at home, under a soft and warm blanket. Catch the first part of our book recommendations — it will be charming, atmospheric, interesting, and sometimes a little scary.


Blanket for the children's room is not only a blanket, but also a great accessory for games. Today we are going to prove this statement by offering different ideas on the topic. Interesting?


fun and cozy

On the one hand, the holiday weekend is designed for eating delicacies in bed and watch TV series. And on the other hand — such leisure will definitely bring a couple of extra pounds instead of lamp memories. Let's break this system?


Why blanket is a great gift for men

Is it harder to choose a gift for a guy than for a girl? In part this is true. Although if you know the recipient well, it becomes a little easier. And what if you do not know? In this case, you can rely on the basic criteria of gifts for men. What are they?


If you are just going to buy a scarf, let's figure out how to do it as wisely as possible. Let's talk about the choice of color, popular styles and optimal materials.


Let's find out why you should love pumpkin, why make it a constant part of your diet and how to cook it as simply and deliciously as possible.


The amount of sunny days has diminished and most have already experienced a lack of strength and positive mood. It's time to take care of comfortable clothes and vitamins, and create some new neural connections by trying an unusual hobby.


You don't like sand between your fingers and excessive democracy of public beaches, but you want to swim and sunbathe? Catch a list of outdoor pools in Kyiv and the nearby region.


Beach vacation
without leaving the capital

What a heat outside! Might sound weird, but the throw blanket will come in handy here. Today we will tell you where it is most comfortable to sunbathe, swim, play beach volleyball or read a book on a deck chair in Kyiv.

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