How to choose a blanket
for kids

Throws in your kid's room — a necessary thing. This is a blanket, bedspread, rug and more. If you are just considering to purchase one, today we have a detailed guide to choose from!


Packaging is a detail that makes a gift special in many ways. Wondering how long we have been packing gifts, who came up with the idea to make it an industry, and why is packaging important at all?


Let's talk about the rich inner world of blankets, namely — the material composition. What materials does Woolkrafts use for its cozy products? Today will be interesting and useful.


Every dog in the world deserves warmth, a bowl of delicious food and… their own blanket! Together with our good friends from Woofit Dogwear, we created something special.


What is your favorite winter drink? Such one to sit with a warm cup in hand to read or watch your favorite movies? Today, the Woolkrafts team shares its recipes for mulled wine, cocoa and other delicacies.


Movie buffs are divided into marathoners and sprinters. The first ones prefer the long distances of the series, the others choose a race from the movies. Today's material for movie buffs.


The magic of the series is hard to resist: just turned on and you're already wondering where a few hours have gone. Therefore, the main thing is to find a TV series to your liking.


You can not only cover yourself with a throw or make an improvised picnic table. Throw is a superhero in the world of blankets. And here are our arguments.


Autumn in the city is not a reason to give up the summer terraces of your favorite cafes. Just now, instead of a cool lemonade, you order warm tea and ask the waiter for a blanket to wrap up like a burrito.


Dating, picnics, parties — what will make such leisure ideal? View of the capital from under a cozy blanket. Here is our list of viewpoint spots for all tastes!

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