Easy to get warm.
Easy to share

Woolkrafts — a brand of the warmest, cozy and beautiful blankets. We warm up and give the mood. Our blankets have already won the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

About seven years ago, we thought: why not start the production great throw blankets in Ukraine? We weren't satisfied with the rest of the blankets available on market. That's why we decided to create something really unusual. From the beginning, we paid attention to design of every single model (by the way, we still do) to make Woolkrafts blankets different from what existed before.

It was important for us that the blanket became a great gift: attractive, warm and high quality. For us, a blanket is a symbol of caring. Well, the truth is, blanket itself is the embodiment of warmth. And at the same time it can easily share the warmth to everyone around.

We did get a blanket we could only dream of. But agree that a good product needs proper packaging. This issue has also become a matter of principle for us. Therefore, we paid special attention to packaging: we created a gift box so that the blanket was nice to give and, of course, receive as a gift.

And we also dreamed that the blanket would get to you as quickly and easily as possible. To do this, we took care of convenient delivery, payment process and the exchange / return of goods.

During all this time, Woolkrafts blankets have managed to visit and settle in many countries around the world, participated in Paris Design Week, got into the top 100 Ukrainian brands, as well as delighted thousands of people in Ukraine and abroad.

But enough facts about us. It's best to see everything with your own eyes.

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